Evaluation question 6


Evaluation question 4

Judging from the feedback from our audience questionnaires our audience felt that our opening successfully attracted them due to our opening being similar to shows that people of our targeted age group watch and because our audience were the same age as the characters. We were given feedback throughout the process of creating the final piece. During the creation of our final piece we had a point around half way through where we shared our progress so far with our class, we received feedback saying that the concept and ideas for our opening was very original and worked very well, however it may be hard to keep to the time limit of 2 minutes as we might have too much that we are trying to fit into the opening, I took this feedback into account when editing and managed to cut down a lot of clips which were longer than they needed to be and managed to get down to the 2 minute time limit without missing out any key information in the opening.

Editing day 3

Today was the last day that we edited, we continued cutting down the shots and decided to completely remove the ending shots were we reveal Billy to the audience and decided to make the audience be left in suspense, which meant that it cut a lot of time off . We also changed our mind on how the clips would be ordered so instead of the section of Billy watching me and taking pictures out of the window happening and then seeing the pictures print we edited it so that they cut between each other, so there was a short section of him taking the pictures then it would cut to the printer then back to me then the printer etc… we felt like this had a better effect as the audience would be able to see that he was printing them off as he was taking them and would build up a bit more suspense rather than just having a section of pictures taken the a sections of them printing. We did the same thing at  the end of the opening, shortening the clips and then re ordering them so it cut between me in the cupboard and the knifes rather than just being in and order, and so this created a better effect whilst also removing a lot of time from our overall opening. We managed to get the whole opening cut down to 2 minutes, i then added in the music that i had saved from the session before, i added in the film title at the end and faded the music out at the ending so after it had built up it slowly faded out. We also decided by the end of the session that we wanted to keep the part of Billy about to reveal himself in, and so added it back in at the end where the music is very loud and built up and then cut it straight to the film title, keeping the audience in suspense.